A Good Stop for Market Fresh & More!

My parents introduced me to this lovely, more than a Farmer's, Market on the way to the Delaware Beaches. That's right, they scooped me on this one!

TS. Smith & Sons on Redden Road is worth waiting for the left hand arrow off 13 easily found by taking the Bridgeville bypass on the way to the beach. That's right, it's on the left of Rt. 13 and it seems to always take about 2 left arrow light rotations to make that turn - but, as I said, worth it!

More than a Farmer's Market, but with all the great farm produce! I love getting blueberries here. They taste SO much better than those in the grocery store. Also available, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, cut your own Sunflowers, breads, hand soaps, and very nice clean bathrooms.

Also available, refillable savory and sweet oils and vinegars. I haven't tried these yet, but I'm SO intrigued by them. I've become a little obsessed by natural Apple Vinegar with the Mother to use/drink for flavor and health. If you try them, please let me know with a comment or I promise to update this post if....OK, when, I get a try and a taste of these! I mean, the refill price is great, right?

I recently blogged about *Beachy Travel Tips* with great places to stop off on the way to and from the Maryland and Delaware beaches featuring traffic tips, shopping, and of course, the best and cleanest pit stops.  There's nothing like a clean bathroom! And if you can also get lovely local produce and more while you're there? All the better!  TS Smith & Sons is just delightful!

Find it on this Google Map!

Your turn! 

What's your favorite farmer's market?  What fruits and veggies are best to buy at a market? I usually just get strawberries, blueberries, and Brussels sprouts, what do you like?

 Thanks for Visiting!

Cheers dears!

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