I have always loved the "Cottage" look!

This page will feature some of the things I've gone crazy over to get that beachy cottage shabby chic nautical (but not too kitschy) look, plus other things I can't live without! 

Festive entertaining - coastal style is also a fun topic! Christmas at the beach is really special. And though I don't rent out the cottage off-season, I thought it would be fun to share some of the pictures of how I celebrate fall and winter and Christmas at the Coastal Cottage!
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Fall at the beach is a great time! Though I love my tiny chocolate box community of Savannah's Landing, we have a lot mature trees which means a lot lovely shade and a lot of leaves!

Who doesn't love a couple or four pumpkins on a front porch and a crisp breeze?

The Coastal Cottage in the Snow

Here's my Coastal Cottage Christmas Tabletop Tree 


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