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Wonderful Watercolor

I have a deep love of art. Art of all shapes, sizes, all mediums and many different types and genres. Modern, art-deco, Rococo, Dutch Masters, El Greco, Van Eyck, impressionist, expressionist, and surrealist. As a young girl I even had an infatuation with Albrecht Dürer and in college I did my senior thesis on Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the art and literature of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.  And don't get me started on Ancient art & Architecture! But I also love the simple, the hand crafted, the personal. Behold the humble but beautiful watercolor!

Created by my talented friend, Taryn Skipper of Skipper Bay art on @Etsy. She's made several things for me in the past couple years. My first piece was a lovely small watercolor featuring a fearsome tentacled beastie embracing a sailing ship.

Lovely hand-painted water color jewelry. The a necklace and bracelet that features  watercolor scenes of a nautical jib and scenes that were more Steampunk Jules Vernia…

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