Coffee at the Cottage

The Coastal Cottage has a new Coffee brewer. The fancy, shmancy, super deluxe Keurig! Yes, the Keurig Office Pro has come to The Cottage.

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Thanks, Dad!
I got my first Keurig in 2009 and fell in love immediately!

But this new version, knocks the old one out of the park! LOVE being able to choose four different sizes - from 4 to 12oz!  That's right, from an espresso size to a travel coffee cup size! get a little Coffee TV show whilst it brews! See video above. OK, so that's just window dressing, but having this Keurig that has a larger water reservoir, a faster heating cycle, and 4 different brew sizes all slickly packaged makes this a truly deluxe coffee experience for our Cottage visitors and guests.

I have supplied an assortment of K-Cups for guests. From medium to dark roast, decaf, tea, to foamy Gevalia Caramel Macchiato Espresso Coffee with Froth Packets. They're in the swivel display next to the machine, in the cupboard with the spices next to the stove, and even more (100+) in zip lock bags tucked into a bin stored on the top shelf of the pantry, next to the desk area.

Coffee at the Cottage? Sheer bliss! Enjoy!

Your Turn!
What are your favorite coffee flavors? 
Which K-Cups can you not live without? 
What K-Cups should I have well-stocked for our guests?

Cheers dears!

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