Spring At the Cottage

It's spring at the Coastal Cottage. And though the world is a confusing and scary place right now, Savannah's Landing is blooming and beautiful. While you're out searching for TP, Milk, & frozen pizzas, why not pick up some flowers?  Seeing the beauty in the world is important.

Why  not also pick up some flowers for your friends and neighbors? I found these daffodils at Giant 3 for $10 and put one on the front porch of each of my neighbors. All wearing gloves & after spraying Lysol on the outside of the wrapper.  I also printed a note (on my computer & tapped inside) saying:  "If we had to be isolated anywhere, I’m glad it’s here & with such wonderful neighbors like you!  Happy Spring & I’ll wave from my porch! LOL" Take care & stay well! ~Gwyneth    *For our safety & using the new popular phrase “out of an  abundance of caution” The outside wrapper of plant cleaned with Lavender Lysol, card made with sanitized hands, delivered  with rubber gloves but minus the hazmat suit!
I have a new friend at the cottage! I found him on Etsy! He's a galvanized steel guy who makes me smile!
Whatever you do,
try to be safe, patient, cautious, joyous, prayerful, and grateful for all the beauty we have around us!  And when in doubt - Read books and watch Wes Anderson.


PS. I'm leaving my shoes by the front door now that I've scrubbed my floors.


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