Christmas at the Coastal Cottage

There is nothing as enchanting as Christmas at the Coastal Cottage.  But, I admit to being a wee bit biased. The #CottageCore architecture and styling is almost made for being bedecked. I do try and to hold off decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. But, I must admit, in the depths of quarantine - I started early. I felt I needed the cheer and the lights. This year I was better behaved and started as soon as I came back from Mom's delicious turkey dinner. So, I'm going to share the latest pictures of Christmas at the Cottage. 

On the back deck, which you can see as soon as you come in the front door, is - as my nephew would say "anatomically incorrect cetacean" - or possibly a Irrawaddy dolphin. He's the first decoration to go up and the last to come down. I love him. Swim, unknown cetacean, swim!
Not surprisingly, the theme of my Christmas decorations is Coastal - with all Tiffany blue, pearl strands, silver, touches of coral, and lots of sea animals, shells, and starfish. 
The brand new see-through fireplace with Italian rock surround and new tumbled stone tile seems to open up the living and library nook even more than before - with light and leaping flames going in all directions. 
Here are a few of my Instagram videos so you can get a better scope for the small scaled Coastal Christmas grandeur! LOL

What is your Christmas theme? 
What colors do you favor?
What do you think of the whole Cottage Core aesthetic? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

But dear hard working spammers, I promise you I will NEVER publish your promotional links - so don't bother. Real people? Can't wait to hear your thoughts! 


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