Coastal Cottage Boxes!

A funny thing happens when you get lost in a hashtag whirlpool on Instagram. (This is similar to a YouTube & Pinterest rabbit hole! You know, then you start clicking and one thing leads to another it's an hour later and your head is spinning!)

When this happens, you discover all kinds of neat things, exotic places, beautiful imagery, and tempting merch.  When I was creating the #CoastalCottageDE hashtag....

(Social Media Tip: it's good for branding to always test out and create a hashtag that isn't "taken" already - or connects to inappropriate content)

.....while I was searching, I saw that MANY businesses and places were already using #CoastalCottage and #TheCoastalCottage, that's when I narrowed it down to #CoastalCottageDE but I also discovered the Instagram account for....
...Sand Dollar Lane
Coastal Farmhouse Living, Shop, & Subscription Box

I couldn't help myself - I splurged for a 3 month subscription -- plus I bought some extra boxes. Don't judge me!

Six years ago I was addicted to, and blogged about, the Beautiful Birchbox service, this was something new!
I ended Birchbox after about 4 years when I realized I had SO many unopened boxes and zip lock bags of meh makeup that it began to stress me out.

But this.... this had REAL Things! No sample sizes. Full size household cottagey craveable things! They were all beautifully wrapped and packaged and each item was interesting and unique.

Of course, I didn't like EVERYthing (but MOST everything!) and I didn't have a place in my Cottage for ALL of it. Those I passed along to friends who had the same design aesthetic.

My only problem was that each box was delivered to me on the weekend, when I was typically "downy ocean"  (a folksy DelMarVa saying) at the cottage which meant the boxes would sit there on my doorstep and vulnerable to porch pirates until my dog walker & house-sitter got there and put it inside for me.

The Coastal Cottage boxes were bigger than I expected, came to me beautifully packaged, and contained so many cute beachy and fun items I was charmed with every unboxing! See?

Here are some of the pictures, and all of them are embedded and linked below!

I chose the fall, holiday, and winter boxes. 
From the website:

3 Month Prepay Subscription

$158.25 every 3 months

3 month prepay @ $52.75 per month recurring subscription

  • curated collection of coastal farmhouse home decor
  • different theme every month
  • 4-6 full size home decor items per month
  • Average Box Value: $75-95. Will vary month to month
I've been wanting to blog about this for months, but school and personal stuff got in the way.  Well, school is out and here you go! I really liked this and it was super fun to get that box and the surprise and delight to see what was tucked inside. Give it a try!

Coastal Cottage Subscription Box

 Here are all the pictures on my Flickr Gallery

Thanks for reading!  Have you ever joined any subscription box service? What are some of your favorites? Share your thoughts or ask questions using the hashtag #CoastalCottageDE, via Instagram, Twitter, or in the comments.

If you would like to stay at The Coastal Cottage, I do rent it out for a select number of weeks during the summer. (Because, I'm a School Librarian & not a Kardashian!)  There are a couple prime weeks still available for this season or you can book for next summer! I'd love to have you visit!

Check availability and rates with Resort Quest!
Like VRBO? The Coastal Cottage is there, too!  

Cheers dears!

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PS. This was not a paid post - this was a post of appreciation, & admiration.  However, I was surprised with a complimentary gift box once I started posting a few Instagram pics. I'll let you know (I'm obligated by law!) if I ever do a sponsored or paid post for compensation. I will also let you know if I get complimentary or products for review - but I have to love it first. That's a must! The street cred of my blogership (is that a thing?) is important to me.


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