It's Just the Cat's Meow

I've never been in love with a place as much as this cottage, the Eastern Shore, and the way I feel at the beach. It just brings me such peace. Such joy. So....I take pictures of it often, show it off to friends, it's the lock screen on my iPad! I'm as tiresome as a new parent showing off pictures of this tiny house like it's pictures of my new baby, and in way -- it kinda is!

When I bought the Coastal Cottage it already had some Cat's Meow shelf sitters. There were more,  when I first toured the house, sitting over the lintels of the doors, but most were gone when I took possession. So, I had to find some more!

Coastal, Beachy, Chesapeake Bay, Lighthouse, and Seashore inspired.

There's a really cute gift and home decorative shop - seaside living with a modern flair, that's near my house guessed it, The Coastal Cottage! You can even buy Bethany Beach themed Cat's Meow online! I brought them one of my special imprinted squeezy plastic cups for fun and

they later once tucked into my shopping bag (after buying lots of lovely & unique Beach inspired Christmas ornaments) a sweet surprise, the Ocean View Cat's Meow! Awww how nice! See above on right.  My first custom order was that little sailboat above on the left. You can get one that says just about anything!

I love how they look on shelf...or on a lintel, over a door. I love that you can find historic buildings, lighthouses, and landmarks in your area!

I found, by chance, a Public Library Cat's Meow that I instantly recognized! It was the Franklin Pennsylvania Town Square Public Library! Bought it on the spot. Such an iconic building. Such a sentimental place.

My Grandma lived in Franklin and that storybook small town means a lot to me. And of course, I'm also a Librarian.
I find Cat's Meow wood cut outs and shelf sitters in little antique shops, thrift stores, yard sales, on the Cat's Meow Village website, and of course on eBay. Always exciting to find one that charms me.

But my favorite shelf sitter is in fact, the Cat's Meow. It's a NEW custom one of the Coastal Cottage and it's real and it's spectacular! (Seinfeld call back)  The process couldn't have been easier. Upload a picture, write up the blurb for the back, even get proofs if you like before signing off!

 It's kinda like accessory burlesque. Waiting for the reveal and the money shot.

And Voila!

You can get your own and in time for Christmas!

Cat's Meow Village - Custom House Portraits, Personalized Gifts 

 Faline was wonderful to work with and I follow her on Instagram. Really, I couldn't be more happy!

This is a non-sponsored blog post. This is just an outpouring of my fangirl LOVE of the product, the company, and the people. If you're a regular reader of my main blog The Daring Librarian, you know that my adoration and posts can NOT be bought.

Franklin PA Public Library photo & collage from the City of Franklin and county seat Venango  County.


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