Wonderful Watercolor

I have a deep love of art. Art of all shapes, sizes, all mediums and many different types and genres. Modern, art-deco, Rococo, Dutch Masters, El Greco, Van Eyck, impressionist, expressionist, and surrealist. As a young girl I even had an infatuation with Albrecht Dürer and in college I did my senior thesis on Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the art and literature of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.  And don't get me started on Ancient art & Architecture! But I also love the simple, the hand crafted, the personal. Behold the humble but beautiful watercolor!

Created by my talented friend, Taryn Skipper of Skipper Bay art on @Etsy. She's made several things for me in the past couple years. My first piece was a lovely small watercolor featuring a fearsome tentacled beastie embracing a sailing ship.

After getting that piece I was tempted by her lovely hand-painted water color jewelry. After a little back and forth about what I was dreaming about, she created a necklace and a bracelet featuring nautical scenes that also evoked the Steampunk Jules Vernian & HP Lovecraft aesthetic. Oops! My Library is showing!  I think they're beautiful!

See them close up here - click again for a super closeup! I a going to hang them on my Christmas Tree! I once did a mini-tree with all jewelry! I also did one that was all Tiffany velvet bags and Chanel satin ribbon. I called it my OTT pretentious tree!

The kind Taryn even created for me a custom Christmas ornament featuring the Coastal Cottage.

So, imagine my delight when I beheld her latest creation - a beautiful portrait of the Coastal Cottage? I can't wait to frame it!

I've filled the Coastal Cottage nautical and beachy decor but I never want to go so overboard (pun intended) where it spills into the realm of tasteless and tacky. Clutch my pearls, tacky is NEVER good!

If you would like to stay at The Coastal Cottage, I do rent it out for a select number of weeks during the summer. (Because, I'm a School Librarian & not a Kardashian!)  There are a couple prime weeks still available, I'd love to have you visit!

Check availability and rates with Resort Quest!
Like VRBO? The Coastal Cottage is there, too!  

Cheers dears!

What kind of artwork moves you? Share your thoughts using the hashtag #CoastalCottageDE or in the comments.

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Do you love watercolors, too? Visit Skipper Bay on Etsy to see what one-of-a-kind art Taryn can make for you, too!

PS. This is not a paid post - this was a post of love, appreciation, & admiration. I'm kind of a fangirl! I'll let you know (I'm obligated by law!) if I ever do sponsored posts for compensation other than a hug!


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